Log Store Reviews and Price Comparisons

We all know that burning logs can dramatically lower our heating bills, whether you have an open fire or a wood burning stove. If you can buy your logs in bulk, or forage for logs it can reduce your bills even further. However, you will need a weatherproof store for your logs, where they can dry naturally and will not be exposed to the elements. There are many log stores on the market, but which is best for your budget and the space you have in your garden?

We review the log stores from all the major online retailers and we include links to those retailers in our reviews. We split our stores into small (up to 1 cubic metre)mid size ( 1-1.5 cubic metres), and large stores i.e. over 1.5 cubic metres. 

Rutland County Garden Furniture Log Stores

Rutland County Garden Furniture wooden wood stores are very popular with customers. These stores offer a good solid hand made build, a 15 year warranty against rotting and represent good value for money.

Rutland County Garden Furniture have an amazing  99.3% positive feedback score on eBay.

The Rutland Log Store Range

The range of Rutland wood stores will suit every budget and size of garden. The full range is outlined on our Rutland page.

From the 4′ Burley Log Store which has a half a cubic metre of storage space. See our Review

Rutland Burley 4' Log Store

Rutland Burley 4′ Log Store

To the massive 6′ Empingham Store which has room for 3.5 cubic metres of logs. See our Review 

Empingham 6' Log Store

Empingham 6′ Log Store


All Rutland stores are also available slatted to allow more air to circulate to cure logs more quickly. This is the Cottesmore 6′ slatted store, which has a capacity for 1.5 cubic metres of logs. See our Review 

Cottesmore 6' Slatted Log Store

Cottesmore 6′ Slatted Log Store


There is also an option with Rutland stores to add a door. This is the Normanton 6′ store with a door. This store has a capacity of 2.3 cubic metres of logs. See our Review

Normanton 6' Log Store with Door

Normanton 6′ Log Store with Door

The full range of Rutland wood stores is outlined on our Rutland page.


Best Value Small Store

Our customer vote for the best value small store goes to the Store-Plus Log Store from Shedstore. This is a small store for a small price: £89.99  and free delivery, but with a decent space (1 cubic metre), good quality materials and a 15 year anti-rot warranty.

This store is also a big hit with users. Customer feedback confirms that the this store is sturdy and easy to assemble. See our review.

Store-Plus Log Store

Store-Plus Log Store


Another value wood store costs just £85.99  and it includes a decent 1.1 cubic metre log space.  This is around half the price of many similar stores. The Winchester Single Log Store is available from Shedsworld and is in our view is such good buy that it may be cheaper than building your own store out of old pallets and wood. See our review.


Winchester Single Log Store

Winchester Single Log Store



Our Reviews

If you thought all log stores were the same then take a look at our reviews. For example this log store has a built in shed to keep your tools and wood together. See our review.

Store-Plus Large Log Tool Shed

Store-Plus Large Log Tool Shed


There are over 30 log store reviews which cover many of the wood stores that are available on the market. Our reviews are sorted by small, medium and large sheds, and we offer practical advice on setting up and constructing your own log store, which logs to burn and lots more in our logs info section.

Why not now put your feet up in front of our own virtual log fire.  Enjoy.